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I am a United States tax lawyer and I represent people and businesses with tax problems:

  • Tax Audits
  • Tax Collections
  • Sales Tax Problems
  • Employment Tax Issues
  • Employment Tax Audits
  • IRS Litigation
  • Tax Court Cases
  • Criminal Defense of IRS and DOR crimes
  • White Collar Crimes

My specialization is in IRS and your state’s Department of Revenue tax problems.  Geographically I represent clients throughout America and I have been practicing tax law for many years.  I have represented taxpayers in numerous audits, tax court cases, IRS and DOR collections, and appeals, and I can help you too.

You’re reading this probably because you have received an audit notice in the mail.  Let’s figure out what you do next.  For openers, please resist the temptation to go to the IRS to “explain things.”  Why?  Because anything you tell them can and will be used against you.  I’m very serious about this.  You’ll have a much happier–and safer–result if you let me do your talking for you.  This rule is based on the next rule, the Presumption of Guilt Rule.

Here is the Presumption of Guilt Rule all IRS agents are taught to follow.  American taxpayers are guilty until proven innocent.  Everything is interpreted against you.  Take your typical audit case for example: a Revenue Agent will throw out your deductions unless you can prove them with receipts. We are specialists in cryptocurrency law, sales and purchases. Never mind that most documentation can be provided, with my help. But they won’t ever tell you the secret of how this can be done.  Instead, you are guilty and your deductions are probably imaginary, in their mind.

Another audit example: the Revenue Agent will add up all your bank deposits for the year and claim that’s how much income you had. Never mind that part of the deposits came from savings or cash advances or HELOC advances. But I do my own income analysis when I defend you and I stop their game cold.  That’s why you need tough tax audit lawyer help from  me, to defend your tax audit and prove income and deductions for you. This way we can prove your innocence and that’s actually what it takes in an IRS tax audit. Call and talk to me, Andrew Gordon, today!  I am even going to give you my direct line: 847-580-1279. Call it now and I will answer and speak with you and you’ll come away feeling much better once you know there is real help for you and that it’s affordable help.

No Case is Hopeless.

  • Are tax debts and penalties adding up faster than you can pay?
  • Is an IRS Audit of your tax return causing sleepless nights?
  • Does it seem there is no end to your IRS nightmare?
  • Does tax debt threaten to strangle your financial life?
  • Do you need answers to tough questions?

I am Andrew Gordon and I can help End Your Tax Nightmare

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  • I offer affordable assistance.
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  • All communication is easily conducted by phone, fax and email.

I am just a friendly phone call away. Let me take the stress out of dealing with the IRS.

  • Don’t fear the IRS – I talk to them and fight with them, you stay home.
  • Get help from me, Andrew Gordon, a lawyer with years of experience, who knows the IRS rules and can speak to them. You don’t gain anything by representing yourself.
  • I will never let the IRS take advantage of you. That’s a promise.

FREE “No Risk” Tax Audit Analysis: Call 1-847-580-1279. I can help YOU saves thousands of dollars in your audit. Tax Problems – You Should Never Fight Them Alone.

  • IRS problems only grow with time if you don’t have a lawyer on your side.
  • Interest and penalties pile on higher and higher.
  • The debt can double or even triple, or more.
  • The IRS is ruthless and relentless. They are nearly impossible for the average citizen to stop without having help.
  • Trust your worries to the lawyer who stands up for his clients—Andrew Gordon.

When we at Gordon Law Group defend an audit we consider it a win when we have proven the tax return was accurate and complete as filed. No additional tax due is a win. When we prove extra items in our client’s favor and get money back, that’s an even better result. We’re serious. There are many audits that prove the IRS actually owes you instead of the other way around. So how is all this done? In three words: records, records, records. Seriously consider hiring Andrew Gordon to make sure you have everything in the best possible posture for presentation. We can help produce documentation where you often just don’t know what to do. Our services, and what you pay for our services, will pay off in the long run. Play to win. Know the rules. Document everything. Give us a call and we’ll help you get started today. Nothing makes the fear go away faster than good old-fashioned preparation.Contact attorney Andrew Gordon as soon as you are notified of an impending tax audit.