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Tax Audit Cases

IRS tax audits are a lot like federal grand jury investigations.  After all, you are being investigated by a super-secret federal agency whose methods and agents work behind a shroud of secrecy.  Moreover, IRS audits can end up with the indictment of the taxpayer if the case isn’t handled properly.  Look at the case of Martha Stewart.  Here’s a person who didn’t go to prison for what she did, but for what she said.  While they were investigating her, Martha Stewart told the investigators something they later claimed was untrue.  She later went to prison for that statement.  The most difficult part of defending her was the fact that she was charged with lying to the federal investigators.  As a criminal defense lawyer who defends IRS criminal cases, I can tell you that once a client has spoken to the IRS and said anything that isn’t absolutely true, the case takes on a whole new dimension and exposes the taxpayer to huge problems.  Rule #1: Please, don’t talk to the IRS.  Let me do the talking for you.

Is there even a 1% chance of criminal liability in your case?  Then you better use a tax lawyer.  Here is why you should use an attorney to defend your audit and never use a “company,” Enrolled Agent or CPA:

Some people go to non-lawyers for tax audit help, but how smart is that, really?  For the same money (maybe even less) you can hire our tax law firm and have 100% protection from the Feds.  Why do you need this protection?  Well, when the IRS or FBI subpoenas your records these non-lawyers such as CPAs and Enrolled Agents must turn over your records to the IRS or Justice Department (FBI).  CPAs and Enrolled Agents can even be forced to testify against you in a criminal grand jury.  In other words, everything you tell a CPA or EA can and will be used against you in a court of law if there’s a criminal prosecution or investigation of you or your records.  That’s scary to imagine.  Your lawyer of course cannot be forced to testify against you and cannot be forced to turn over your records.  Which is the smarter way to go?  Of course CPAs and Enrolled Agents never mention this huge difference, but now you know why it is always best to use lawyers for legal work such as tax audits.

Do you understand why you need a tax audit attorney as soon as an IRS audit begins?  For example, do you have to let the IRS come to your office or let them in your house?  Does the IRS have the right to talk to your customers, clients, or patients?  Can they force you to turn over records, even those you don’t want to turn over?  You can relax about all these things once you hire our law firm.  We have defended literally thousands of IRS tax audits.  Andrew Gordon has the answers you need.

Gordon Law Group will appear in place of you at the IRS tax audit.  That’s right – depending on your budget you can request several types of appearance.  We know exactly what to say and what not to say so you can relax, safe and far away from the action.  Plus, some income tax audits can be made into correspondence audits so there is no need for anyone to appear.  This is how we so successfully defend audits no matter where the IRS office is located.  At the very least, we are going to appear by telephone at the audit interview so you incur no travel expenses.  Telephone interviews are strategically better than personal audits as well.  We can explain this to you.

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