Bank Account Levy

How do bank account levies work?

Are you the victim of an IRS levy on your bank account? We can help if so. Our firm has years of experience in obtaining releases of IRS bank levies. If you want to learn how we help people just like you, contact a tax audit attorney today by calling us today.

How a bank levy works

Here’s how the IRS uses the bank levy to grab taxes out of your bank account. If you fail to pay your tax bill when due, the IRS resorts to calls, visits, letters, and garnishments. What is shocking for the wage earner is that the IRS does not have to provide any notice before beginning collection activity for IRS back taxes. The IRS has vast collection powers, unlike any person to whom you might owe a debt. Why? Because they can issue a bank levy and take property without a court proceeding. No other collection agency gets to do this (not counting repossessions, where you’ve agreed in the contract that repossession is part of the deal).

When a bank levy is more than a bank levy

The bank levy starts when the IRS sends a letter along with an IRS levy notice to your bank. The notice states that the IRS is seizing your bank account. Your bank is ordered to freeze all of your accounts and to turn over the funds to the IRS. The IRS frequently uses bank levies as a way for collecting back taxes. Of course, the bank always complies by promptly freezing your funds because bank knows that if it fails to cooperate with the IRS then the IRS will come after it! When you are on the wrong end of a bank levy, you are left feeling frightened and confused. Just as bad, the IRS can seize funds from any source that has funds belonging to you. This means they can grab your 401K from Fidelity (or anyone else); your series H bonds at the bank in your safe deposit box, and insurance proceeds that are reducible to cash. An IRS bank levy can have a horrendous impact on your finances.

But there’s also good news: You can stop bank levies today! And we can help you get levies released and keep your money. Do not wait for the IRS to grab your bank accounts and wages. Do not wait for the IRS to start collection efforts. Find answers to past due taxes before the IRS sends out its levy letter and notice. To learn how you may be able to stop a bank levy from the IRS contact Andrew Gordon┬átoday.