Defend Your Tax Audit

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Your Tax Audit Rights

What is a tax audit? A tax audit is when the IRS asks to see the records you used to prepare your tax return. A tax audit usually begins with a call or a letter from the IRS telling you that you are being audited. The tax audit proceeds with the IRS then sending out an Information Document Request, in which they list the various documents you used to prepare your tax return. For example, if you claimed a mortgage interest deduction the IRS might want to see the document from your mortgage company that proves how much you paid in interest. Or if you claimed an advertising expense on your Schedule C (business) then the IRS might want to review the receipts you have to make sure they add up to the amount you claimed on your return. An IRS tax audit can be very specific or it can be more general than this. Some times the tax audit help you need will be a need for professionals.

How can my firm help you against the IRS? A tax audit attorney specializes in defending clients against IRS audits as well as state tax audits. We take the information from you and develop the details to help you avoid paying more tax. By using the best tax lawyers and CPAs, we offer you help in defending against the IRS and making your tax audit go away quietly. Gordon Law Group is nationwide, so we can help you no matter where you live. We appear on your behalf by telephone, allowing you to avoid having to appear before an IRS officer. This is the standard form of appearance by tax representatives such as Gordon Law Group.

Most people are afraid of a tax audit, but we can answer your questions for free, in an initial phone consultation. We know you’re worried about what the IRS might do to you, like take your money, garnish your wages, take your home or even put you in jail. That’s why we offer the protection you need from an attorney. Anything you tell us is confidential and we won’t share it with the IRS. Find out more about tax audits by visiting our informative pages: Defend Your Tax Audit, Red Flag Tax Audit, Offer in Compromise (OIC), Bank Account Levy, Wage Garnishment, Tax Fraud Defense, Tax Court, Past-Due Returns, EITC Audit Defense, Preparation for Tax Audit, Installment Agreements, Business Audit Defense, Types of Tax Crimes, Tax Evasion, Failure to File, Failure to supply requested information, Withholding Tax, False Tax Returns, Submitting False Tax Documents, Making False Statement, Making False Claims, Perjury, Bribery, and-abetting/”>Aiding and abetting, How to Survive an IRS Audit, What Can Trigger an Audit, Keeping Proper Records, Disappear from the IRS, About Audit Procedure, How to answer the Tax Audit Notice, How to attend a Tax Audit.

How We Can Help

As soon as you are aware you are being audited, it is vital that you contact a tax lawyer right away. Any information you provide the IRS could be used to make you pay more taxes. By consulting with our law firm, we can review your paperwork and determine the best course of action to take in resolving your audit with the IRS. We make it simple by having you send us your paperwork by mail or fax. We will review all the relevant information and consult with you as well. By getting all the data we need regarding your tax situation, we can then appear before the IRS through the mail or by phone. This frees you from having to appear. We know by experience that in-person audits generally net the IRS on average $9500. in taxes. A correspondence audit, however, averages out to about $2500. (Figures from IRS, 2001 Data Book, Table 10, p. 15.) That is why our methods work and save you money.

Tax audits can become very grave matters, especially if a more serious investigation is being conducted against you. They can become criminal investigations if the Revenue Agents believe there might have been a crime. Don’t let this happen to you. Contact our office right away so we can get started protecting your rights and getting the IRS to leave you alone.