About the Internal Revenue Service

The IRS has grown to become a behemoth bureaucracy that most Americans are fearful of. They have considerable power in taking control of your wages and home. They can make your life miserable should they decide to audit you. Individuals and businesses have been known to spend years fighting the efforts of the IRS to collect taxes they do not owe, and in fact they have destroyed many people and businesses with their aggressive tactics. If you are facing an IRS audit, contact a tax audit lawyer immediately, so that we may begin to help you defend yourself against the power of the IRS.

At Gordon Law Group, we are a nationwide group of attorneys who offer clients excellent legal support when facing an IRS tax audit. You can find out all about our services by visiting the following pages and browsing through our site: Defend Your Tax Audit, Red Flags for a Tax Audit, Offer in Compromise (OIC), Bank Account Levy, Wage Garnishment, Tax Fraud Defense.

More about Tax Audits

In those occasional cases where we believe there might be a more serious investigation against you, we make a record of the meeting. We record the meeting. This is extremely important in all tax audit and pre-criminal cases. Once you retain us to represent you in your tax audit or IRS problem, we can talk to you confidentially about why this step is a must and how we will apply it in your IRS audit. If you’re the subject of an IRS audit or burdened with an IRS problem looking for a solid solution, you should call us today and let us take over. You’ll be glad you did.

Remember that most IRS tax audits and most criminal investigations never go anywhere unless you say something you shouldn’t have said. Or unless you turn over records your lawyer should have reviewed first. The truth about Revenue Agents (the tax auditors) is that they have very little power, with one exception: They can turn you over to the Criminal Investigation Division of the IRS. That’s right, if the revenue agent suspects a crime has been committed while he or she is doing your IRS tax audit, they can turn you in to the IRS police.

When you hire us, our tax lawyers will personally handle your case. Your work won’t be shoved off on non-lawyers. We use support staff like anyone, but all communications between us and the IRS will be one of our tax lawyers speaking on your behalf.