Attorney Profile

Andrew Gordon, Esq

As a trial attorney with years of experience, Andrew Gordon, founder of Gordon Law Group, has dedicated his firm to serving the public good by preventing the IRS from running over people, sometimes by good old fashioned accountability in court. Mr. Gordon knows from experience that imposing tax rules against IRS agents improves society by making it difficult for the IRS to violate the rules that are meant to protect us. Those Tax Court case results constitute consequences for unreasonable and sometimes flagrant conduct. Andrew  graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Accounting and went on to earn a Juris Doctor with advanced study in Taxation.

With years practical experience in complex tax audits, appeals, tax litigation, and tax bankruptcies, Andrew has handled 100s of personal, business and corporate audits, negotiated many successful offers in compromise and has had experience in international taxation including offshore entities and controlled foreign corporations.

Andrew Gordon is licensed to practice law in several states and before the U.S. Court of Appeals as well as the United States Tax Court.

Andrew Gordon is admitted to practice before the IRS Nationwide:

Lawyers can be admitted to practice before the IRS on a nationwide basis. Andrew Gordon has met their requirements for membership in that group of tax lawyers who are admitted to represent you with the IRS. Where you the taxpayer live never does matter in tax help terms, as we will often turn face-to-face audits into letter audits and we will very often transfer face-to-face audits from your town to a different location better for us since you will not have to appear personally.

Mr. Gordon is admitted to practice law in the following federal courts:

Supreme Court of the United States
United States Tax Court
U.S. Court of Appeals