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How Do The Rich Pay So Little in Taxes?

Many people hear about the rich and marvel that the rich seldom pay taxes. “How do they do it?” you wonder about the rich. “How do they make scads of money and not pay tax?” Well, the answer can be summed up in one word, planning. The rich plan how their tax return is going to stack up each year. How do I know this? Because I’m a tax lawyerand I pay attention to these things. Plus, I do write tax plans for people who want to get smart and keep their money where it belongs–in their own accounts, away from the grasp of the IRS tax collector.

Here’s how it all began. In 2001 I restructured a small business to simplify its accounting, implemented a medical expense reimbursement plan, and showed the owner how to shift some of his personal expenses to his business return. Basically, the plan saved him a small fortune. When it came time to develop the IRS-SOLV system, I hit the ground running. I and my associates had seen it work before, and we knew how to create the tool to let you make it work for you!

I will tell my clients that the key to beating the IRS – legally – is planning. I don’t care how good you are with a stack of receipts on April 15. If you didn’t know you could take bonus depreciation on your new Acura . . . if you didn’t know you could set up a medical expense reimbursement plan and write off your daughter’s braces as a business expense . . . if you didn’t know your could turbo charge your SEP contributions by switching to a solo 401(k) there’s nothing any tax preparer can do to help on April 15.

Real tax planning isn’t about record-keeping and receipts. It’s about introducing, explaining, and implementing strategies that help clients hold on to more of their hard-earned cash. And that, in turn, establishes the value of IRS-SOLV, as a trusted adviser, not a commodity.

IRS-SOLV Delivers True Tax Planning

Traditional tax “planning” doesn’t actually plan anything. It projects future tax liabilities in excruciating detail – usually far more detail than clients need or even appreciate. It leaves you the job of translating spreadsheets into concepts and strategies. And it’s obsolete every time Congress changes the law. Is it any wonder people like you are confused?

“True tax planning” means giving you specific strategies – telling you exactly what to do, how to do it, and when to do it – to cut your bottom-line tax bill. The best part? You were getting ready to do these things anyway, you just needed to put the right twist to it.

But how do you introduce, explain, and implement those strategies? How do you choose the best strategies for each client? That’s where IRS-SOLV comes in.

IRS-SOLV is new and different. You will complete a simple three-page survey (the same one we’ve developed over years of testing) with check-the-box questions on your family and home, your business, and your investments.

It takes us less than 24 hours to give you back a plan! We can even do it without your return. This means you can put a plan into action long before you ever prepare a return, regardless of which tax-prep software you use or if you use our tax-prep service.

IRS-SOLV uses a proprietary artificial intelligence to choose from over 110 specific, proven tax-saving strategies, based on the answers to those questions. It packages those strategies into a tax plan report tailored to you. (Of course, we will override and customize each report for your best result)!

How We Boost Your Loyalty

IRS-SOLV clients know we’re not just dropping the “right” numbers into the right boxes on the right forms. IRS-SOLV clients know we’re working year-round to save them money, in all areas of their finances. This means better-represented clients – loyal clients, willing to pay a reasonable attorney’s fee, not lured away by some member of some local club, When a tax-savvy professional like me asks you if your tax guy has ever come to you and said “here’s an idea I think will save you money,” we just gained another client for our tax practice.

Keeping You Up-to-Date
It’s hard enough to keep up with tax changes yourself. But how can we keep you informed of the changes that affect you the most? And how can you turn that effort into a tax-strategy advantage?

The IRS-SOLV “Client Alerts” do all the work for us. Let’s say that the IRS issues a new ruling on parents who employ their children in family-run businesses. IRS-SOLV scans our client database for clients affected by that ruling, and sends the appropriate letter from us to you!

Just print, sign, and mail! In minutes, we’ve delivered important breaking news to you. And this is news you can really use – far more valuable than any canned newsletter.

How much money do you need to save on taxes to justify paying me to help? You can pay for an entire year’s subscription with a single module out of a single plan. But you’re purchasing 100 modules! But don’t think in terms of recouping your investment. Think of multiplying it by dozens of times. There’s just nothing else like IRS-SOLV.

Are you serious about growing your business and reducing your tax dollars? Then how can you say no? Try us today, and soon you’ll need some IRS-SOLV strategies for your friends and business acquaintances! Why wait, give us a call now.

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