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Worry About Audit – Maybe It’s Real

Posted by John Ellsworth, Esq November 7th, 2013

Why not be concerned about an audit?  The average face-to-face audit where a person “handles it himself,” results in an assessment of $10,500.  This is according to a former Commissioner of the IRS (Rossotti).  As if that’s not enough, some people actually go to jail as a result of tax audits.  It’s true, those instances […]

Why Did I Get Selected for An Audit?

Posted by John Ellsworth, Esq January 5th, 2012

Why Did I Get Selected For Audit? So, you’re the subject of an IRS tax audit and you want to know why. How did this tax audit happen? Well, here are some insights into the why and how of IRS tax audits. Please read on. Selection of Returns for Examination. After the initial review and […]