IRS Debt Relief

I have to assume that, based on your extraordinary service, you probably have a million testimonials to choose from, but I’ll throw mine in anyways. Exactly one year ago, I was crushed under heavy 1040 tax debt. I was worried that filing for bankruptcy would ruin me forever, and then I found out bankruptcy wouldn’t get rid of the tax debt anyway. You walked me through the entire tax resolution process quickly and easily. One year later, I have bought a home, found a good job, and am finally saving money for the future. I am eternally grateful for your service and professionalism. You definitely helped turn around my life. Thanks!
– Paul W.

IRS Collections Costing You Everything?

The IRS is well-known for its horrendous collection tactics.  Without court order they can take your entire pay check and seize your bank account.  They can take your car and sell your home.  Well, here’s relief.  Tax attorney Andrew Gordon can stop them cold in just a matter of days.  You’ll be able to get 100% of your next paycheck.  You’ll get back the money in your bank account.  Yes, these things are possible but only if you act now.  If you delay you will only lose more and more.  So call Andrew now.  Relief is just a few short days away if you act now and call today.

No Case is Hopeless.

  • Are tax debts and penalties adding up faster than you can pay?
  • Does it seem there is no end to your IRS nightmare?
  • Does tax debt threaten to strangle your financial life?
  • Do you need answers to tough questions?

Andrew Gordon can help.

End Your Tax Nightmare

  • Take the first step needed to get your life back on track – Call us or email us.
  • We offer affordable assistance.
  • No matter where you are located in the U.S.A., we negotiate on your behalf.
  • Convenient – no need for office visits.
  • All communication is easily conducted by phone, fax and mail.
  • Andrew Gordon is just a friendly phone call away.

Let us take the stress out of dealing with the IRS.

  • Don’t fear the IRS – We talk to them and fight with them, you stay home.
  • Get help from Andrew Gordon, a lawyer with years of experience, who knows the IRS rules and can speak to them. You don’t gain anything by representing yourself.
  • Andrew will never let the IRS take advantage of you. That’s a promise.

FREE “No Risk” Tax Analysis. Call Today.

Andrew Gordon can help YOU get out of tax debt.

Tax Problems – You Should Never Fight Them Alone.

  • IRS problems only grow with time if you don’t have a lawyer on your side.
  • Interest and penalties pile on higher and higher.
  • The debt can double or even triple, or more.
  • The IRS is ruthless and relentless. They are nearly impossible for the average citizen to stop without having help.
  • Trust your worries to the lawyer who stands up for his clients—Andrew Gordon.