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It is my pleasure to recommend the services of Mr. John Ellsworth at Ellsworth Law Group. I have worked through some very difficult personal and business IRS situations with John and he is simply the BEST. He has long experience with these matters and I have noticed that when a particularly threatening situation with the IRS comes up, (and it has for me several times now) that he projects a very stable, calming and reassuring attitude. Better yet what he predicts will happen… actually happens. He has forgotten more than most tax attorneys will ever know. Good luck and you won’t be sorry you chose John!
– Rich B., Henderson, NV.


How can my law firm guarantee IRS tax audit help?  Well, here’s where we always start: You can’t successfully defend an IRS tax audit by yourself.  The IRS makes sure of that.  Consider the case of Bill Considine.  Bill was my first ever tax audit client.  I was a brand new tax lawyer and had just graduated law school.  I had a bare, walk-up office that badly needed clients and I had a student loan debt that would choke a horse.  But I had plunged ahead and here I was, alone without even a secretary, when Bill Considine came tromping up my stairs.

Bill, it turned out, had come to my office by accident.  He was actually looking for the previous tenant, a CPA by the name of David W_.  Well, David had occupied the office I now occupied and his professional demise was one I was hoping to avoid.  For David and his wife and kids had left town in the middle of the night and moved downstate to live with her parents while David went through bankruptcy and found a job.  It was a shame; everyone like David.  Anyway, when David arrived downstate I was the first person he called.  Turns out he had abandoned six file cabinets stuffed full of his clients’ tax returns from the past ten years. All six now stood in my waiting room, untouched.

So when Bill Considine climbed my stairs, he was there to pick up his tax file, not to see me at all.  Bill was just being polite when he asked me what kind of lawyer I was.  I told him I was a tax lawyer.  “Tax lawyer, you say,” Bill laughed.  “That’s exactly what I need right now is a smart tax audit lawyer.  Reason is, I’ve been selected for tax audit by the IRS and it’s keeping me up nights.”  When I asked why, he said, “We had a flood two years ago in the basement and all of my farm records were destroyed.  I have nothing to turn over to the IRS, nothing.”

Which is how I landed my first client.  I devised a plan and presented it to Bill.  He went for it, paid me a retainer, and I represented him through the IRS audit.  Bottom line, Bill got a refund of $8525 because of Investment Tax Credit that had been missed.  Best of all, I helped Bill supply all the missing tax audit records.  We did it the way I had learned in tax school.  Bill went out and told everyone in the county what had happened–he was just that type of guy.  Soon, a steady stream of David’s ex-CPA clients found their way to my office.  One by one they came by to pick up their files.  And almost everyone of them said, “You’re the guy saved Bill Considine.  All right if I just leave my taxes here with you?”

And that’s how it all began for me.  It’s been forty years now and I’m older and much wiser about how IRS audits should and should not be defended.  And I’ve learned how to get IRS wage garnishments released almost overnight.  Still, one thing hasn’t changed and that’s the method I used to save Bill Considine.  It turns out lots of people can’t locate their tax audit records, and when they call me they’re feeling pretty desperate.  Or maybe they’ve fudged on deductions, or maybe they’ve forgotten to report some income.  Or the IRS refuses to release a bank levy or wage garnishment, no matter how hard you plead with them.  Whatever it is, today I have systems in place to save the taxpayer who might otherwise get caught up in the IRS net that too often costs huge amounts of additional tax (not to mention those poor souls who get carted off to prison for tax evasion and tax fraud.  Luckily I’ve never lost a client to prison.  Or maybe it’s been more than luck.)


Truth is, most people are not as well off today as they were five years ago. The economy has been tough all around. And you might be worried that, while you really need my tax lawyer services, you might not be able to afford me. Well, let me tell you Secret Number Two. Over the last 40 years of law practice my systems have become so efficient that I can afford to charge less than most other tax lawyers and CPAs when it comes to defending tax audits and settling large tax debt. That’s right. And I do it with less staff (which means less overhead passed along to you) and I do it online, which means you’re not paying for me to have a luxury office downtown. Which I don’t. So set that worry aside, you can afford me. In fact, you can’t NOT afford me, when you find out how much money I can save you in your IRS tax audit or how fast I can get that IRS garnishment released or that old tax bill settled.

What else do you get from me as my client? Well, here are some more advantages. In addition to the money I’m going to save you:

Advantage 2: You are going to deal directly with me, not some “case manager” like the bigger firms use.  Sure, you’ll also deal with my paralegal Maya, but when it comes time to talk tax law and procedure, you’ll be dealing with me.  And so will the IRS–they have to deal with me too.  And that’s not always so easy…not for the IRS.

Advantage 3: 
You get my 40 years of experience on your side.  It’s true, the old saying that if you want the best chance of success at something new, get someone who’s done it before.  LOTS of times before.  My guess is that your tax audit case or tax collection case won’t present any angles that I haven’t seen before.  I’ve been around long enough to know all the different ways people can get themselves into trouble with the government. I’m going to know how to take care of you, where your less experienced alternative, such as your local CPA or family lawyer hasn’t handled thousands of oppressive IRS tax audit cases like I have.  They just don’t have my expertise.  And the truth is, when you let your local tax preparer defend you that person is also defending him or herself–they’re defending their product–the tax return–which isn’t always the same thing as defending your IRS audit.  Let me defend you:  if the return is wrong we’ll fix it, we won’t try to hide it.  And if a wage garnishment is about to put you on the street or you can’t make ends meet, run–don’t walk–to your phone and call me immediately.  I have systems to release that IRS wage garnishment or IRS bank levy before your next payday.

Advantage 4:  I limit my cases to a certain number each month. This cuts both ways. First, I’m able to give your case the attention it needs and the attention you paid for. But second, you need to act far enough in advance of my schedule to make sure I have an opening to take on your new case.  I want to help everyone who asks me for help, that’s true.  But I’m a finite being and I can only do so much.  So don’t delay, call me right now and let’s figure out how we can get you on our list.  Given enough lead time, this should never be a problem. Moral of this story: don’t put it off.  Call me right now.

Advantage 5:  Multiple Case Guarantee.  This advantage is huge.  Right now your IRS audit letter probably says they’re going to audit one year.  Yet the truth is, the IRS always does tax audits in three year clusters.  All too often they will expand into two more years just when we get going.  Does this mean you will have to pay me to defend two additional years of tax audits?  Not with Ellsworth Law Group.  We guarantee to defend up to three years of IRS audits for the price of one, so long as they’re underway at or near the same time. So when the IRS expands your tax audit, don’t panic.   I’ve got you covered.

Bottom line, I can help.  Here’s what else you need to know:

  • Take the first step needed to get your life back on track – Call me at (888)551-0257 or email me.
  • No matter where you are located in the U.S.A., I can defend you, I can get the IRS to back off.
  • Convenient – no need for office visits.
  • All communication is easily conducted by phone, fax and email.

Let me take the stress out of dealing with the IRS.

  • Don’t fear the IRS – I talk to them and fight with them, you stay home.  Once I’m on the case you don’t talk to them again, period.
  • Get my instant help. You don’t gain anything by representing yourself.
  • I will never let the IRS take advantage of you. That’s a promise.


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Tax Audit Attorney

Specifically, how should the taxpayer prepare for an IRS audit when that letter comes?   These tips will point you in the right direction:  Retain the services of a tax audit lawyer.   Enrolled agents, tax attorneys or CPAs may represent you at an audit. They are trained in IRS procedure and can represent you much better than you can represent yourself. To a non-lawyer, however, reading the tax code is like reading a foreign language.   If you want the best, get the very best the United States has to offer: the tax audit attorney.  After all, your case is about law, not accounting.

Second, let us do your talking for you. We are tax audit lawyers with a lot more years of defending tax audits than you. We will appear at the interview for you. We will appear at the tax audit and you will not even be there.  In our law firm all IRS discussion goes through a tax audit attorney. You can rest safe in the knowledge that your legal work won’t be passed off to an EA or CPA, that you will be represented by a tax lawyer. What’s even better, it costs no more.

Keep good records.  Believe it or not, maintaining good tax records is more than just getting things in order a month before April 15 and running out and buying TurboTax. You must learn to keep in proper file folders in a proper filing system the proof of what you put on your tax return. So you keep bank statements and deposit slips. You keep your checks and attach them to the invoices they paid. You keep your credit card list of purchases. Then, if you’re called in for an audit, you’re prepared. The “proof records” you keep are important, producible evidence of what you put on your tax return. TurboTax is a good program, but without the supporting evidence it alone is inadequate to get you through an IRS tax audit.

Keep your backup information for three tax years because the IRS audits can go back three tax years.

If you’re caught without records, here’s what we help you do. Think back to that year. Remember bank accounts and credit cards. List your major purchases.  Go to your pharmacy and get a copy of all drugs purchased and the price you paid for that tax year.  Get bank records (yes, they’ll cost a little, but far less than an audit has the potential to cost you). If you’ve claimed expenses like medical expenses, it’s possible that your doctor or hospital will still have those medical records on file. Don’t hesitate to call them. You can also call your employer and ask for duplicate W-2s or 1099 forms; or check with your mortgage company for interest expenses for that year; or with your county for personal property taxes paid.

Next we will put it all into order for you, in the format the IRS requires. Our document staff will then get the records to the IRS for you or I will take the records to the audit for you.

Do your homework.  Our website has tremendously useful tools in the form of articles that you can easily browse and read. You’ll be amazed how much you can learn about automobile deductions just by reading  one article.

Home office? Read the publication about home offices. Do your investigation and there’s no reason why you cannot know as much about the rules in your case as the auditor knows.

When we attend the interview, we’re going in as your hired cash guard. We will volunteer no  information beyond what is asked. We will take along no more documents than what the IRS has requested. If you decide to go it alone (which we do NOT recommend!) remember that your demeanor means everything.

Be professional if you still insist on going it alone. Try not to argue or insist. Don’t ridicule and above all, don’t belittle.

Be on time, have your documents organized and copied, and take the audit seriously.

About the roles in your audit case. First and always remember the auditor is not on your side. He or she may seem to be on your side, or at least pulling for you, but they are not. They are pulling for their employer – the IRS – and they are pulling for their own job performance.  Second, you are guilty until and unless you can prove your innocence. You have probably lied or made things up or why else would you be here in the first place? That’s their attitude. Again, we will appear for you and we will calmly and politely answer questions but we will never ever volunteer information on the notion that it may help. It won’t  help. The IRS is schooled in letting long pauses develop during which they expect the lay person to blurt out information. We won’t do that because are tax lawyers and know better.

When we at Ellsworth Law Group defend an audit we consider it a win when we have proven the tax return was accurate and complete as filed. No additional tax due is a win. When we prove extra items in our client’s favor and get money back, that’s an even better result.  We’re serious. There are many audits that prove the IRS actually owes you instead of the other way around.  Or maybe we reason with the IRS agent and get him or her to not seek fraud charges.  That is a huge win and it is something we address and win on a regular basis.

So how is all this done? In three words: records, records, and relationship. Seriously consider hiring a tax lawyer to make sure you have everything in the best possible posture for presentation. We can help produce documentation where you often just don’t know what to do. And our services, and what you pay for our services, will pay off in the long run as we maintain a “no-games” relationship with each auditor so that they know what we tell them is what we truly expect to prove. Play to win. Know the rules. Document everything. Give us a call and we’ll help you get started today. Nothing makes the fear go away faster than good old-fashioned preparation.