IRS Appeals

So your audit didn’t go exactly as planned and now you’re looking at a tax bill you don’t believe you owe.  The good news is, this is exactly the type of case I am expert at handling.  For  years I have helped taxpayers just like you–caught somewhere between the truth and between what the IRS says.

Wrongful results and bad news after a tax audit are common, but our legal system provides numerous avenues for your defense and further pursuit of a fair and legal result. The best time to consult a tax audit lawyer is before an audit takes place, but I may be able to help if you act quickly after the determination that you owe the IRS has been handed down. To speak to an experienced tax audit attorney who is prepared to help you in Appeals call the Gordon Law Group as soon as possible.

If you are already engaged in a dispute or any form of interaction with a tax authority, or you are concerned about a pending audit of your tax returns, contact me now. It is especially important to recognize that an Appeals Division hearing is your foremost and least costly option in most cases – but we must act promptly to get your appeal granted within 30 days of the audit’s conclusion.

Here are some of the things I can do for you.   Many of the different departments within IRS are responsible for making decisions concerning the application of tax law to various taxpayer issues. In some cases, agreement on these decisions, or determinations, cannot be reached. In other words, the taxpayer does not agree with the determination.

This is where Appeals comes in. Appeals is independent of any other IRS office and serves as an informal administrative forum for any taxpayer who disagrees with an IRS determination.  Appeals provides a venue where disagreements concerning the application of tax law can be resolved on a fair and impartial basis for both the taxpayer and the government. The mission of Appeals is to settle tax disagreements without having to go to the Courts and a formal trial.  I can help you prepare and present your case that it has the best chance of winning at this level.  I use only the latest electronic legal research in my IRS appeals law practice to help you and save you big dollars.

Is Appeals for you?

Appeals is the place for you if:

  • You received an IRS correspondence explaining you have the right to come to Appeals to dispute an IRS decision.
  • You do not agree and are not signing an agreement form sent to you.

If you meet the qualifiers listed above, then you may be ready let us take over your case and help you fight the IRS.  Please give me Andrew Gordon a call.  I am a tax lawyer and my specialty is IRS appeals.  I am ready and waiting to hear from you.  Call now, 847-580-1279.