We Win Tax Audits Everyday

My name is Andrew Gordon and I am a tax audit lawyer.  I specialize in the defense of IRS tax audits.  My company is IRS-SOLV.com. Tax audits I defend are located across the U.S. and overseas.  I have provided tax audit help for corporations and individuals for years.

My IRS audit practice is nationwide, all states.  No matter where you are located, I can offer tax audit help with your IRS tax audit.  Today, audits take place by telephone with me answering the questions, so you incur no travel costs.

When it came time to develop the Tax Audit Relief System, I hit the ground running. I work as a tax audit attorney and I have come to see how badly people need smart tax audit attorneys.  I have learned how to win tax audits and compromise tax debts over the years, and I know how to deliver tax audit help to win your case and get it settled once and for all.  That’s why you’ll find our IRS audit and compromise service to be far advanced of our competition.  They just don’t problem-solve like we do.  HINT:  Did you know that when the IRS decides to audit a return, the IRS already has a figure in mind for how much additional tax it wants to create?  RULE:  you better understand how to find the bottom line so you don’t leave money on the table that belongs to you.  
Today, I also spend most of my time delivering tax audit representation to worried taxpayers
. Their unhappiness is brought on by the fact that the IRS is trying to take their money in an income tax audit.  Or garnish their wages or take their house.  Or even put them in jail.  If there’s one thing that scares an American, it’s the IRS audit and IRS collection agents.  This is why I am a tax audit attorney—it’s where I can do the most good for honest people who get in trouble.  This is also why you should always use a tax audit lawyer and never use a tax company or CPA for your IRS tax audit.  Anything you tell your tax audit attorney is confidential; anything you tell a tax company or CPA is not confidential and the IRS can learn your deepest secrets from them.  By law the IRS cannot touch the IRS audit secrets you tell your tax audit lawyer.

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