Tax Crimes

The most common tax crimes include;

There are also comparable state tax law violations in the event the same acts are involved with state governmental tax agencies.  Tax crimes may be charged against individuals, as well as corporate officers, partners, fiduciaries and others involved in the tax reporting chain.  Whether the tax crime charges will be filed is dependent upon the amount of admissible evidence against the taxpayer, not dependent upon the amount involved.  Therefore, tax crimes are relevant to all taxpayers, not only the taxpayers that have made significant amounts of taxes. The amount of the tax loss to the government is only relevant in determining the sentence, not whether the crime occurred.

Additional tax crimes include evasion of payment in tax collection cases, stacking of corporate and individual tax liabilities, aiding and abetting tax fraud, failure to collect or pay over withholding tax, false withholding statements, and conspiracy to impede or defeat the collection of tax.

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  • A free initial phone consultation
  • Personalized attention.  I’ll return your phone calls promptly, keep you informed, and answer all questions to help you put the pieces back together
  • Reasonable fees, and you’ll know in advance how you’ll be charged
  • Experience. I’ve helped people just like you hundreds of times
  • Aggressiveness. While I accept peaceful settlements, I take a tough stance to protect you

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