Aiding and Abetting

While many of my clients are individuals, companies and corporation who are being investigated by the IRS Criminal Investigation Division (CID) I am also ready to represent those who work for such clients and have been charged with “aiding and abetting” the tax crimes their employers are been accused of. Once the IRS brings criminal charges against an individual they are very intent on getting a conviction. If you are a CPA, accountant, bookkeeper, adviser or other financial professional who has been called to provide evidence or testimony against your client you should first speak to a tax audit lawyer to can advise you of your rights and protect them. For more information you should speak to tax audit attorney Andrew Gordon at the Gordon Law Group.

In the years I have represented individuals, businesses and corporations in tax court and in criminal cases I understand the risk it can put a financial adviser, consultant or CPA in when their client is brought up on tax fraud charges. My success stems from my policy of personally handling every aspect of each of my client’s cases. From the moment of your initial consultation until the final resolution of your case I will be there beside you to protect your rights and represent you best interest. Every phone call and every letter or document submitted to the court on your behalf is personally prepared by me. I have seen the depths the IRS attorneys can go to prosecuting an individual or business and anyone connected with them. If an IRS special agent has contacted you realize that you may become the subject of criminal investigation by the IRS. Do not speak to anyone but your lawyer.

To protect yourself you should retain the services of an attorney if your client or employer is facing charges such as:

Only a seasoned tax audit lawyer is in a position to discuss your case and advise you on your best legal options. I am ready to aggressively represent you against the charge of adding and abetting.

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