Failure to File

Failing to File your Tax Return

The government expects taxpayers, including individuals and businesses, to file their tax returns on time. A failure to file will immediately result in financial penalties. If the government believes you intentionally failed to file a return to avoid paying taxes, more aggressive actions may be taken, including an IRS audit or an investigation to determine if formal criminal charges should be filed for tax evasion. If you have failed to file your return and are facing an IRS audit, or are under investigation for tax evasion, contact a tax audit attorney at once for knowledgeable assistance. You will need strong and experienced representation in an audit, investigation and criminal case.

The IRS is extremely unforgiving when it comes to unpaid taxes. They will use various tactics and legal means to collect any money they feel is owed. Late penalties can be avoided if it can be demonstrated that your return wasn’t filed due to neglect. A skilled lawyer that knows tax laws can give you sound advice on how to prevent penalties for late filing. If your failure to file has resulted in an audit, a tax attorney should be contacted immediately for representation. Most people don’t know enough about tax laws to defend themselves properly during an audit. My firm is highly qualified in audits and knows what to say – and not to say – to the IRS.

When a failure to file has progressed to a full-blown investigation and possible criminal charges, hiring a proven tax attorney can significantly impact the outcome of your case. The penalties for a tax evasion conviction can be harsh, including;

My name is Andrew Gordon of Gordon Law Group and I am an experienced tax lawyer. I can be relied on to tenaciously protect your rights and will work diligently to achieve the best possible conclusion to your tax dilemma.

Contact a tax audit attorney at my office if you failed to file your personal or business tax return for qualified legal counsel and confident representation.

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