Failure to Supply Requested Information

Did you fail to supply the IRS with information?

When a person does not provide the IRS with requested information, it can result in an audit or investigation. The government may decide to file criminal charges of tax evasion if it is believed the lack of response was deliberate. If you failed to supply requested information to the IRS, contact a tax audit lawyer for legal counsel regarding your situation. A skilled attorney can discuss your options and how to prevent the IRS from taking punitive actions. Persons that are already under investigation or have been charged with a tax offense should seek out qualified representation immediately.

My name is Andrew Gordon of Gordon Law Group. For over three decades I have helped individuals and businesses resolve their tax issues. I am highly adept at audits and legal cases involving unpaid taxes, tax evasion, failure to file and failure to supply requested information. Tax cases can be extremely complicated and will require an informed attorney who will protect your rights and aggressively challenge the government’s case. I will conduct my own investigation of any wrongdoing asserted by the IRS, and provide skilled tax defense.

The penalties for a conviction in a tax evasion case such as failure to supply requested information can include:

Charges can be brought by both federal and state governments depending on the type of tax that was involved. It takes considerable tax law knowledge and confidence when addressing tax matters with the government. I am a tough advocate and can be depended on to provide steadfast representation in personal and business tax cases.

Contact a tax audit lawyer at my firm if you failed to provide information requested by the IRS and are being investigated or have been charged with a tax crime.

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