Filing False Returns

Consequences of a False Tax Return

Filing a false tax return is an incredibly serious matter and simply shouldn’t be considered lightly. If you are found guilty of this, you can be charged with conspiracy to defraud the United States. The FBI may become involved in investigating your case, along with the IRS. It doesn’t matter which part of the return contains a misrepresentation – if a false tax return is lodged in order to recover monies you are not owed, or to avoid paying taxes you do owe, you can get in serious trouble.

The IRS, the FBI and the United States Attorney’s Office are aggressive in pursuing such matters. If convicted, you can be sent to prison and hit with extremely heavy fines. As a note, if you have made an honest error on your return, do not be alarmed. This can be corrected of your own volition with an additional submission to the IRS. If you have been selected for an audit before having a chance to realize and correct your mistake, this is still a very different matter than attempting to defraud. Do not, however, attempt to commit fraud and pass it off as an error.

In filing your return, you should take every possible valid deduction. To ensure you are taking advantage of these opportunities which tax law provides, while also staying within the bounds of the law, professional advice is recommended. As a tax audit attorney with years of experience, I, Andrew Gordon, can assist you at any step of the process. I can competently represent you in an audit or criminal investigation and defend your rights. This is a very important role, as with the IRS you can be guilty until proven innocent.

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