Submitting False Tax Documents

Submitting false tax documents is a crime which carries severe penalties in cases of conviction. In the filing of charges, the financial figures involved are of lesser concern than the fact that a crime was committed. You may be charged as an individual, corporate officer, partner, fiduciary, or other role if you are suspected of being responsible for fraud. If evidence is available your case can be pursued and the magnitude of the fraud will be considered in sentencing if you are found guilty.

An indication that you are under criminal investigation is being contacted by an IRS Special Agent. A routine audit can also be turned over to the Criminal Investigation Division if a Revenue Agent suspects tax fraud. If this occurs, you must be advised that you have a right not to engage with the agent, along with a right to a lawyer. It is vital you take advantage of both of these rights and immediately contact me, Andrew Gordon. The sooner I am brought onto your case, the more I can do to address the process appropriately and strategically in your defense.

It is important to remember that most IRS criminal investigations don’t end up going anywhere unless you say something you shouldn’t have said. As a tax audit lawyer who has represented clients in hundreds¬†of tax audit cases, I am incredibly familiar with how the IRS operates. I will not submit any data or records other than the required information and can stand up to the tactics the IRS employs to try to gain incriminating information. Let me take care of the IRS and help save you from the stress and errors an individual can make if they attempt to go it alone.

Contact a tax audit attorney immediately if you are being investigated for submitting false tax documents.