Tax Evasion

Have you been charged with tax evasion?

Tax evasion is the federal crime of evading any tax liability imposed by the government. The act must be willful, meaning that there was an intention to defraud. Tax evasion is a serious felony offense with penalties that include:

A conviction in a tax evasion case will also result in a criminal record that can affect your professional life, limit housing and education opportunities, prevent you from acquiring certain professional licenses and create problems with security clearances. Whether you are an individual, organization or business, you are required by law to meet your tax obligations. If you are facing tax evasion criminal charges, contact a tax audit attorney immediately for skilled representation.

The U.S. tax codes are extremely complex and change every year. Regardless, you are required to submit your tax return annually and on time. It is also expected that your return will contain complete and accurate information. Any failure to adhere to our nation’s tax laws can have serious consequences.

My name is Andrew Gordon of Gordon¬†Law Group, and I am a tax attorney with ¬†years of experience helping people with tax problems. I am a seasoned litigator that will thoroughly review your case and discuss you legal options. I will make sure you understand the laws pertaining to your situation, and how the criminal court process works in cases involving evasion. In addition to mapping out an aggressive defense strategy, I will look for weaknesses in the prosecution’s case that can be used to reduce your charges, or result in a case dismissal.

You can count on my office for aggressive representation in any criminal case involving a tax crime. I can also provide capable legal counsel if you are under investigation for tax offenses or anticipate an investigation. Early intervention by a qualified attorney can help ensure the best possible outcome to your legal situation.

Contact a tax audit attorney at my firm if you are facing tax evasion charges for knowledgeable legal advice and vigorous representation.

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