Worry About Audit – Maybe It’s Real

By John Ellsworth, Esq November 7th, 2013

Why not be concerned about an audit?  The average face-to-face audit where a person “handles it himself,” results in an assessment of $10,500.  This is according to a former Commissioner of the IRS (Rossotti).  As if that’s not enough, some people actually go to jail as a result of tax audits.  It’s true, those instances require more than just not having enough documents, but in fact it happens and in those cases it most often began as a simple tax audit maybe with a notice like you have just received.

If you watch closely, you will see that the IRS benefits from having people frightened of it.  Why?  Because frightened people tend to write big checks for real or imagined shortcomings in their tax returns.  Why?  Because they want it “to go away” so they can sleep at night.  And who can blame them?

But maybe there’s a better way.  I would suggest that using the services of an experienced tax lawyer to defend you from the IRS and paying me $3500 for an audit defense might be a lot cheaper in the long run.  And one thing is for sure:  in 40 years I’ve never lost a client to prison.  My people don’t go to jail. Why?  Because we have our methods of explaining things and we know what to turn over and what not to turn over, and we know when to turn things over and when to delay or forego altogether.  This comes from experience.

So next time you’re thinking of writing the IRS a check for $10,500 because you’re frightened, please let me suggest that you stop and call me first.  I can guarantee you will be happily surprised to learn I can save you that money or at least cut it in half or more.

Call me today.  847-580-1279.  You’ll be glad you did!

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