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Tax Season is Over

Most taxpayers have been fooled by the IRS. Most people have been fooled into thinking the tax year ends on April 15, when they file their tax returns. I’m here to tell you it just ain’t so. For smart taxpayers the tax season goes on year ’round. I say smart because these are the people who pick a tax professional just like they pick a family doctor and they check in with that tax professional maybe 2-4 times a year for their tax checkup. If everyone who pays taxes started doing this, it would have an amazing financial reality for them: Pay less tax, get more back. It’s not hard, but just like your physical health, your financial health requires some attention every now and then.

We help people plan for taxes and we help people who owe taxes. It’s a good service and you’ll find we are very friendly and down to earth. Best of all, we’re small. You’ll always talk to John Ellsworth, not an assistant, associate or paralegal. See us now if you’re interested. If not, keep us in mind. You’ll be glad you did, at some point at least.

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